TOSHIBA Satellite 15.6″ Laptop Review

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TOSHIBA Satellite C850D-11Q 15.6" Laptop

Not too long ago I started a job in a digital agency and was instantly given the TOSHIBA Satellite 15.6″ Laptop to work from. As companies go, I’m sure they just bulk buy one of the cheaper laptops to save expenses so I wasn’t expecting much from it.Working with this same laptop at work now for over a year I can safely say its had its ups and downs.

TOSHIBA Satellite Laptop back

Initially you get the TOSHIBA Satellite Laptop all tightly boxed up and ready for its first time use. Very easy install with only a few clicks of the track pad and your done and ready to go dominate the digital world. It had come with pre installed Windows 7 at the time which was great as I personally thought Windows Vista was a shambles and loads of TOSHIBA related software that seems very unessential. Now I’m not talking about one or two programmes, I’m talking about at least 10 or more. After just ignoring these for a while it became apparent that they wanted me to interact with them in some way with constant pop ups and updates. Finally I came to my sences and deleted any I felt the computer and I didn’t need, which happened to be 95% of them.

TOSHIBA Satellite Pro Laptop side

Now all of the unessential TOSHIBA programs had been removed the computer actually seemed to run faster which was a big bonus.  This computer wasn’t built for pro gaming but I’m pretty sure it could play most games in basic graphics but it’s not what I use it for at all. Mainly used for internet and Microsoft Office it does the job well and again out of preference I downloaded Google Chrome as my default web browser as I’m more informed with it and it’s extensions.

TOSHIBA Satellite Laptop ports

Other than that I don’t use the TOSHIBA Satellite Laptop for anything else except the occasional Adobe Photoshop usage that it might slightly struggle to load up  but does its job. The external posts on the laptop are again the average ports you’ll need for a laptop. It has VGA port, HDMI port, Ethernet port, 3 x USB (one of which is 3.0) and Audio ports. No idea why it only has one 3.0 USB port and the other 2.0 but it probably isn’t an issue. At 320GB it has enough space to swing a cat in and unless you’re downloads tons of software and films you probably wont fill it and 6GB of RAM fast enough to prevent you from falling asleep as your computer loads up in the morning.

Overall a good solid laptop that is average, if not cheap in price and does all the basics you want without any issues.

3.5 / 5 stars     

8 thoughts on “TOSHIBA Satellite 15.6″ Laptop Review

    • Hey! The webcam is as good as they come for a laptop like this. NOt HD but good enough for Skype. Hope that helps!

        • Well it completely depends on what game you’re playing. Most games now days you can reduce the resolution to prevent slow play. This is not a gaming PC but will run most games in a standard form.

  1. Can you tell me how to get my webcam up & running? I can’t find it when i’m searching for it. I have Windows 8. Thank you

    • When you open ‘My Computer’ there should be an icon for the camera. Double click and it should work :)

  2. I have this computer! I love it! (Mine has 8 rather than 7).

    Then again, I love any computer that runs Minecraft without too much lag…